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Beth Jordan

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Moving from Awful To Possible - A reminder that a question can ignite curiosity.

About Me

I've always have been fascinated by the way our mind works. I've trained in hypnosis, NLP as well as other body-mind techniques. After a varied life journey, I know that inspiring others to awaken to the idea of choice is what fuels me. I found to do that, I create art, ask questions, write and make myself available for interesting conversations. I've written a book called The Magic of What If? that brings forth the idea of moving from awfulizing thinking towards possibilities. I created a text message system named ArtQ Text Cards where art and questions come together to give thought-provoking possibilities towards more expanded thinking.

Why You Should Join Me

Interesting times, eh? Are you one who is desiring to be a contribution to this changing landscape? Who prefers to be the change you wish to see? This is a gathering place to share our experiences, find comradely, discuss what we notice and how that relates to owning our creativity, sovereignty, resources, optimal health, radiant beauty and to respond to our joyful (or not) embodied life experience. Not to worry, humor is definitely invited! 

Your creativity, your uniqueness, gifts and talents and is paramount as a contribution as we embody these positive changes. By joining together in this way we can share perspectives, get different insights and learn to relax through uncertainty by being secure in not knowing.  We are supporting each other to realize that we have all we need within ourselves. As we embody this brave new world, our community will see the possibilities and opportunities for change and expansion towards a much more gentle, effective, loving space. On days where we falter, we have each other to remind us that a question can ignite the curiosity for different possibilities to show themselves. We can choose what we think, what influences we expose ourselves to and how to embrace uncertainty. Lets, together awaken our awareness to the creative power within. May you be sparked towards your creative juices and dance in the beauty of being alive!

A Big Thanks

Life is a journey and that is true for me as well. I am grateful to the people who have supported me and brought me to this place where I am brave enough to put myself out there. Many of them will be joining us in this forum. And I wish to thank you for your contribution that you bring simply by being you, your authentic, unique self and share in a heart-felt way to the benefit of all.

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